Sir Henry George Chauvel
Sir Henry George ChauvelLieutenant General
Command of the 1st Light Horse Brigade at Gallipoli. After evacuation, won the first British victory of the war against the Turkish at Romani, as the General Officer Commanding the AIF in Egypt. Commanded the Desert Mounted Corp in 1917 and 4th Light Horse Brigade.
Sir John Monash
Sir John MonashLieutenant General
Sent to Gallipoli with the 4th Infantry Brigade ans shortly after became Brigadier. July 1916 received commission as Major General of the 3rd Division. After a successful battle at Messines was promoted to Lieutenant General of the Australian Corps.
Sir Granville Ryrie
Sir Granville RyrieMajor General
During the Boer War he was Captain, 6th Imperial Bushmen, New South Wales. Entered politics in 1906 and appointed Brigadier General of the 2nd Light Horse. Became Minister of Defence 1920-1921 and returned to the Australian Military Forces as Major General until retirement.
Sir Thomas William Glasgow
Sir Thomas William GlasgowMajor General
During the Great War he commanded the 1st and 4th Divisions, the 13th Brigade and the 2nd Light Horse
John Robinson Royston
John Robinson RoystonBrigadier General
Seeing action in the Zulu War of 1879 and was a Sergeant, Natal Mounted Rifles by 1884. His outstanding service led to a commission as Lieutenant. As Captain took lead of the Australian troops in the 5th and 6th contingents of the Western Australian Mounted Infantry. Awarded the DSO and CMG. Became Colonel of the 12th Light Horse Regiment AIF in WW1
Lachlan Chisolm Wilson
Lachlan Chisolm WilsonBrigadier General
Studied a law degree while working for the Department of Lands, became a qualified barrister in 1895. Joined the AIF in 1914 as a Major, second-in-command with the 5th Light Horse Regiment in Gallipoli. 1917 took over the 2nd Light Horse, becoming Colones and acting Brigadier General in command of the 3rd Light Horse Brigade. Position as State Commander of the Queensland Volunteer Defence Corps from 1941-1945

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