RSL Memorial Hall

RSL Memorial Hall

El Arish Hall Air-Conditioning Project

El Arish Hall Air-Conditioning Project

Stage 1 of our project to air condition the El Arish RSL Memorial Hall is now completed thanks to a grant from the Queensland Gambling Community Benefit Fund for $33000. 

Les Carman Cooling Solutions of El Arish contracted the project along with Sedgman Electrical Pty Ltd of Mission Beach.

The air conditioners are coin operated at $2 per half hour and have proved to be a smash hit success with hall hirers.

The El Arish Hall Committee have just received advice of a successful Stage 2 grant of $9950 for the project from the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal. The committee are thrilled to receive this news and to be able to care for our great community asset into the future and especially towards the Hall’s 100th birthday in 2030.


39 Chauvel Street
El Arish QLD 4855

El Arish QLD

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